Mission Statement

RideShare Displays Inc. (RSDI) is the pioneer and innovative leader in the development of Active Display Systems for this new market. As a technology driven Company, we will redefine the Rideshare experience by establishing a unique paradigm in integrated and interactive design that breaks new ground in vehicle identification, passenger and driver safety, pickup efficiency and assistance to those with disabilities. We will achieve this goal by partnering with major players in the field. The promise is dramatically improved operational performance as a springboard to enhanced profits and market dominance based on its strong barriers to competitive entry. Called Locus™, this unique, patented system is a quantum leap in the science of passenger and vehicle identification.

VISION/MISSION – The Rideshare Market has been one of the hottest growth categories worldwide. However, this explosive expansion has exposed substantial weaknesses in vehicle/passenger identification, safety and contact technology resulting in significant operational problems and growing litigation issues exemplified by the media headlines below:

  • Woman – 22 Raped After Getting Into Car She Thought Was Lyft Driver – Chelsea Patch
  • DC Police: Man Posing as Uber Driver Sought for Assault – USA Today
  • Police Warn, as Robbers Posing as Uber Drivers – CBS Chicago
  • The Perils of Being Mistaken for an Uber Driver – NPR
  • People Keep Getting Into Strangers Cars Because They Think It’s Uber – USA Today
  • Don’t Be That Guy That Orders Uber and Hops Into the Wrong Car – Mashable.com
  • Uber and Lyft Drivers Work Dangerous Jobs – But They’re Both On Their Own – Wired
  • Feds Say ‘Uber Must Comply With ADA’ – New Mobility