Ride Share Problems

Ride sharing is an enormous and growing industry, expected to reach $25.9B by 2021. (Source: Statistica 2016) This explosive expansion has exposed substantial weaknesses in vehicle-driver-passenger identification, safety, security, and emergency alert capability. This has resulted in significant operational problems and an onslaught of litigation.

  • License plates are often obscured.
  • Many states lack front plates.
  • License plates are not always valid, or are visible at night.
  • Riders & Drivers are often confused to the others identity. Photo ID
    requires the driver being visible to the Rider from the exterior of the
    vehicle and the photo is current.
  • Predators continue to lure passengers with fraudulent signs.
  • Missed connections, cancellation fees, complaints, refunds, and rider dissatisfaction increase significantly with the size of venue
  • The industry lacks mandated Title III (ADA) & DOJ compliance.
  • The previously claimed Title III exemption was rejected.
  • A need for a universal solution, many tourists and passengers are unable to read or understand the local language
  • Many passengers are hearing impaired, especially seniors.
  • Lacking a smart phone, or requesting a ride for a third party, identification,
    authentication and security problems intensify.
  • Industry lacks the ability to signal/notify an Emergency or Medical Alert.
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