Locus™ Solution

Locus™ System Overview

  • The system displays a unique identifier sent by the rideshare company to both the driver’s and the passenger’s cell phone. The universally recognized identifier, located in the windshield area matches the identifier on the passenger’s cell phone.
  • Voice prompts guide the passenger to the vehicle and are particularly important when the vehicle is inaccessible and not in direct view. This ADA compliant feature is vital for the visually impaired.
  • LOCUS™ includes driver emergency and medical alert notification systems, programmable messages for ride pooling/sharing, designated pick-up points, destination, civic pride messages and autonomous vehicles.
Locus System Overview - RideShare Display

The Locus™ Benefits

The Locus™ System Enhances Profitability through Operational Cost Reduction

Although no audits are available, it stands to reason Locus™ with its multiple efficiencies in connecting passengers with the correct vehicle, including the visually and hearing impaired, will produce significant cost savings and have a positive impact on profitability. The following graphic is just a partial list of the administrative and logistic areas where savings will be achieved.

Locus System Benefits - RideShare Display


U.S Patent, Application No. 14/723,049
Quayle 8/3/2017
Vehicle Identification System

The RSDI patent is a massive barrier to entry which incorporates ADA compliance. The patent is applies to rideshare identification and security badges using wireless technologies to initiate, receive and transmit signals to a designated recipient. RSDI plans to license the technology with an option to buy Badges.

Application Areas

  • Vehicle Identification
  • Autonomous Vehicles
  • Ride Pooling/Sharing
  • Designated Pick-Up Locations
  • Emergency Notifications
  • Security ID’s, Employee
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