Uber Test

Uber Test – RideShare Displays

Uber – Testing in Seattle

Ever find yourself accidentally getting into the wrong Uber car, or having to ask the driver of a stopping car if he/she is your Uber, only to find out they aren’t even an Uber driver?
It’s also sometimes difficult for Uber drivers to figure out who exactly they are picking up on a crowded street.

Lyft Test - RideShare Displays

Lyft Test

Lyft – January Test

If you’ve ever used a ride-sharing app to hail a car at night, or on a busy street, you know that finding your driver can be one of trickiest parts of the whole experience. Drivers, too, know how hard it can be to spot passengers. “A seamless pick-up is one of the toughest things,” says Ethan Eyler, head of rider experience at Lyft.